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BARCELONA , Spain (AP) — Lionel Messi was back in full training again on Wednesday and may be fit to face Real Betis in the Spanish league on Sunday.Messi had been training separately from the squad since injuring his right calf in the preseason.He missed the team’s 1-0 loss to Athletic Bilbao in the league opener on Friday.Barcelona has not said how long it expects Messi to be sidelined.Coach Ernesto Valverde is also dealing with injuries to forwards Luiz Suárez and Ousmane Dembele.Dembele is certain to miss Sunday’s match at the Camp Nou because of a left thigh injury that should keep him out for about five weeks.Suárez also isn’t likely to play this weekend because of a muscle injury sustained before halftime of Friday’s game in Bilbao.Two-time defending champion Barcelona hadn’t loss a league opener in 10 seasons. This time, Sergio Ramos showed the world how good he can be when he keeps his mind on not being a tough guy.The Spaniard was key for Real Madrid's two goals against Atl茅tico in the first half. The center back handed out an assist for Casemiro for what became the first goal of the evening against Los Colchoneros. But the cherry on top of his performance came when he scored a rather controversial penalty as the first half came to an end.This is the second goal Ramos has scored against Atl茅tico this season. His first goal facing Los Colchoneros came in the UEFA Super Cup. Incidentally Cheap Japan Soccer Jerseys , he also accomplished that goal via a spot kick.What stands out for Ramos is the fact that, since Cristiano Ronaldo left the club Cheap Mexico Soccer Shirts , the defender has made his presence felt as the team's official penalty taker, which helped him reach the following milestone. Here's a bit more insight on that statistic.
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