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Countdown of the most viewed 2018 articles
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Wysłany: 2019-05-21, 02:45   Countdown of the most viewed 2018 articles

"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Angels PregameAngels PostgameGamethreadsHalos Heaven PodcastsShohei OhtaniMinor LeaguesInterviewsEt CeteraTop Halos Heaven articles of 2018 (10-6)New David Freese Jersey ,5commentsCountdown of the most viewed 2018 articlesByJessica DeLine@abaseballchickDec 27, 2018,9:18am PSTShareTweetShareShareTop Halos Heaven articles of 2018 (10-6)Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY SportsEverywhere you look, people are reminiscing about 2018, so I thought - “why not rip off that trend and do some Halos Heaven reminiscing??” There are plenty of things we could (and may) look back on, but this two part series will focus on our most viewed articles from the past 12 months. Sure, the year isn’t over yet, and one particular article (in the top 5) could still move in the rankings, but here we go.#10Just this month, we’ve had two articles hit our 10 top for the year. Cracking the list is Chase’s piece on how the Angels offense could turn “elite”. That article didn’t get a lot of comments thanks to the Cahill and Harvey articles, but it sure did get the views!#9Only 48 comments on this one http://www.padresfanprosh...rad-hand-jersey , but it landed at #9 as the Angels announced one of many coaching changes. Billy Eppler stole Doug White from the Astros, hoping to bring some of their pitching magic to Anaheim.#8Not a surprise that a post game with Ohtani as the headliner made the top 10. In this case, it was Ohtani playing the hero with his bat, tying up the game in the top of the 9th in a game the Angels went on to win after having a 7% win expectancy to start the last inning.#7Shohei Ohtani was all over our 10 top list, and in this case it was an article analyzing the Rookie of the Year debate. The beauty if this article was that it pissed off a lot of Yankees fans who were up in arms once the award was rightfully given to Ohtani.#6Luis Valbuena had a rough year as an Angel (and career with the Angels, really), and Jeff’s piece back in July spoke to the masses about how it was time to cut ties with BatFlip. The Angels did eventually cut ties with Valbuena who was having a FANTASTIC season in the Winter League before his life was tragically cut short. Here’s to hoping there’s no place like home"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Talking Chop User’s GuideTalking Chop PodcastAround the NL EastBaseball Analysis PrimerBraves Poised to Right the Ship in Home Opener vs. CubsNew,121commentsHere’s to hoping there’s no place like homeEDTShareTweetShareShareBraves Poised to Right the Ship in Home Opener vs. CubsBill Streicher-USA TODAY SportsThe best thing about baseball is that it is absolutely humongous.Everywhere we turn for the next 6 months, baseball will be right in our faces, for better or for worse.Unfortunately, this past weekend in Philadelphia falls into the “worse” category Manuel Margot Jersey , but the gratuitously never-ending nature of baseball always provides an opportunity to turn things around.Monday night, the Braves get that chance against the Chicago Cubs.As the Braves make their way back home to SunTrust Park to kick off the facility’s third season, there is a definitive air of needing to right the ship, and rightfully so.During the sweep at the hands of the Phillies, the Braves’ pitching staff issued an eye-popping 20 walks - twenty! - over the weekend.After a series like that, the Braves could really use a starter who has his command issues under control - instead, the team will turn to noted walk artist Sean Newcomb.Much like the rest of his young career, Newcomb’s Spring was peppered with issues finding the strike zone.However, his final Spring Training start against the Reds was a great one to build on - four innings with five strikeouts and, most importantly, zero walks.Hopefully this most recent start is a harbinger of good things to come for Duke Newcomb http://www.padresfanprosh...rad-hand-jersey , and he will be able to neutralize a Cubs offense that posted 28 runs in its weekend series loss to the Rangers.The Braves’ offense will face Kyle Hendricks, fresh off his $55.5M contract extension.This will be Hendricks’ first start of 2019; he finished 2018 with a 14-11 record, alongside a 3.44 ERA / 3.78 FIP, 7.28 K/9 rate, 1.99 BB/9 rate, and 3.5 fWAR.The Braves will have their work cut out for them if they are interested in crooked numbers.Despite the Braves’ unsightly issues with free passes over the weekend, and the series sweep that resulted from it, there were still several positive takeaways from the season’s opening frame.If you will excuse the use of Small Sample Size Theater, Freddie Freeman’s on-base percentage of .692 leads all of baseball (his .600 batting average also leads baseball, but I figured I’d get mocked for using it first).After his off-season wrist surgery, Dansby Swanson’s OPS is 1.205.Ender Inciarte and Ozzie Albies have already walked twice this year (this is quite notable Austin Hedges Jersey , actually), and Ozzie got hits from the left side in each game of the Philly series.The bullpen issues, well...those still exist, but reinforcements are coming soon.There are plenty of reasons to have a bad taste in your mouth after this past series.The good news is, the next 159 games (or more!) can (possibly) wash that away.Win or lose, Braves baseball is back!
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